Our Team


Ronald Laparo

Ron has been in the construction industry of central Ohio for more than 30 years. His understanding of the building process and knowledge of what it takes to make a project successful make him the backbone of our company. He started Northern Window & Door in 2001 in central Ohio when he saw an opportunity to fill a gap in our market for a high end window supplier. He saw another gap in the Cleveland market after 17 years in Columbus, and from that, Fenestram was started. We have no doubt that his passion for this company will keep him at work and involved until he is 100!

Architectural Consultant

Jed Hartzler

Jed has been with Fenestram since June, 2015. His background in construction as a project manager, estimator, and laborer help him to be highly effective for our clients. He is dangerously likeable and forges long term relationships through being such an ally and resource for architects, designers, and homeowners.

General Manager

Justin Ciak

Justin has been working with Fenestram since 2003. Originally hired for part time delivery work before going to his other job, he was eventually asked to give service a try as they were looking to hire a full time tech at the time. He decided to leave his other job and work for Ron as a full time service tech. After spending 7 years as the service technician, he was moved into the office to handle inside sales and accounting tasks. His experience in a vast number of roles helps to make him effective in understanding and bettering each area of our business.

Architectural Consultant

Shawn Donegan

Shawn Donegan started with Fenestram on August 19th, 2019. He started in the construction industry of Cleveland in 1979 with Forest City and through industrial and commercial coatings, remained a part of the industry through 1997. His role with Trac Tool and Allied tool through 2016 provided him with a solid background in manufacturing and a different style of sales. His connection to our industry brought him back and his mastery of relationships makes him a force to be reckoned with.